I am Stephan Tromer, a software engineer at Deloitte Netherlands. In this blog, I will be sharing my experiences in the world of software engineering. My goal for this blog is for you to learn something new which might help you in the software engineering world. During my day-to-day work I am primarily working with Java and Spring Boot using a distributed systems architecture.

My dev setup 2022

Updated: 13 January 2022 - 11 min read

As a developer, I am continually trying to make my work easier and more automated. This includes both software and hardware, but also the peripherals. To achieve this, I am always on the lookout for tools or tricks to incorporate into my workflow. Every developer has his or her own workflow and you can always pick up something from each other. So, in this blog, I will share the apps, tools, tips, and tricks I am using in my daily (Mac) workflow to boost my productivity. Hopefully you will learn something new and if you will incorporate something in your daily workflow, let me know!

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How to handle poison pills in Spring Kafka?

Updated: 29 June 2021 - 13 min read

Modern applications are increasingly build using smaller components that communicate with each other using events, a so-called event-driven architecture. Event-driven architectures have three key components: event producers, event broker, and event consumers. It is important that the consumers can consume the events the producer has produced. Whenever this is not the case and you’re not ready for this scenario a single event can cause your systems to halt. Such an event is a poison pill.